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It took me far too long to put any type of forward grip on any of my AR-15 rifles. I grew up in the age of early first-person shooters and as I got older, I ended up associating things like Vertical Foregrips (VFGs) and Angled Foregrips (AFGs) with try-too-hard mall ninjas who were just buying the accessories to look the part. Then, after running a couple of drills with a buddy’s rifle that featured a VFG, I was hooked. However, not all grips are created the same and not every MSR foregrip is a vertical one. Over the years I have learned to appreciate each type of grip for where it specializes and have even tried a couple of unconventional grips like the Ryker grip just to see what they are all about. From my experiences, the best MSR foregrips on the market can make you perform better on the range.

1. Magpul M-LOK MVG MOV Vertical Grip – Editor’s Pick

Magpul makes great products for just about anything you can find on an AR-15. My first ever rifle build involved heavy use of Magpul parts, however, my first build was missing a crucial component for a stable shooting platform – a Magpul MVG vertical foregrip. With M-LOG being a near universal and durable attachment method I don’t think you can go wrong with the M-LOK version of the MVG grip.

The grip is made from durable polymer meaning you don’t have to worry about smashing it to bits if you’re shooting from a supported position and you’ll also likely never have to replace the unit unless you drive a dump truck over it (and at that point I think you’ll be in for a new rifle too).

The grip itself is comfortable due to the slight give the grip has and it is also not overly long meaning that it won’t get in the way of your sling but still has enough real estate for you to place your entire support hand over it comfortably. The Magpul M-LOG MVG MOV Vertical grip is available for just $22.95 and comes in 4 different colors to match your specific rifle build.

Pros/Affordable, durable, dependable

Cons/ Some may consider M-LOK to be a less durable method of attachment when compared to picatinny rails

Bottom Line/Can’t go wrong with this option unless you’re using it as a bludgeon on rock monsters

2. Tyrant Designs AR-15 HALO Minivert Foregrip – Stylish Pick

Tyrant designs always has outstanding build quality for their products. Nearly everything they make is made from high-grade CNC milled aluminum and is anodized in a vibrant array of colors to fit your style or spice up your rig. 

The HALO Minivert foregrip sits at a slight angle making supporting the rifle with your other hand a bit more comfortable when shooting from an unsupported position. However, the angle that the grip sits at also means that it makes it sightly less comfortable to shoot from a prone position when using the grip, but I find that the angle of the grip is shallow enough for you to still make use of it on the ground.

The Tyrant Designs AR-15 HALO Minivert Foregrip is available in Red, Blue, Gray and Black Anodized finish and costs $57.99.

Pros/High quality product made from aircraft-grade aluminum

Cons/Heavier than polymer grips, more expensive than other options

Bottom Line/Great way to spice up your competition rig and improve your performance at the same time

3. Mid-Evil Industries 360 RFG Vertical Grip

This is one of those novel products I thought would be a gimmick at first but turned out to be better than expected. The Mid-Evil Industries 360 RFG Vertical Grip is unique in that it can fit the role of an AFG, VFG, or even a stubby grip all in one piece. The adjustment method of the grip means that there is a chance that it can come loose – and that it is quite heavy at 6 oz. 

However, I think the 360 RFG more than makes up for these minor shortcomings by allowing the user to get virtually any style, angle or type of grip with one single unit. Adding to its quality is its sturdy Aluminum construction and a covert storage compartment on the bottom of the handle for extra CR-123 batteries or anything else you might need that will fit inside there. The Mid-Evil Industries 360 RFG Vertical Grip is available in a single color – Black. The grip is also available in the three most common type of attachment methods, M-LOC, Picatinny and KeyMod and retails for $99.99.

Pros/Versatile grip with small added storage space

Cons/Heavy and expensive compared to other models

Bottom Line/This would be a great “buy once cry once” grip if you’re not overly concerned about weight.

4. Magpul AFG

If you’re looking for the ultimate combination of stability and control while shooting from a kneeling or standing position you’ll have a lot of success with an angled Foregrip. The Magpul AFG is available for just about any attachment option you can think of and is even available for things other than MSRs. 

The angle of the Magpul AFG is just perfect for the geometry of your biceps, forearm, triceps and wrists as they turn to grip the fore end of the rifle. As an added bonus, the AFG makes the C-Clamp grip far more comfortable and allows you to accomplish the same amount of control at a more natural angle. 

Made from the same durable glass-filled polymer as Magpul’s other products and an over-molded outer coating, the Magpul AFT is one of the best angled foregrips on the market. Pricing on the Magpul AFG usually sits around $34.95 and is available in black, FDE, OD Green or Stealth Grey.

Pros/ Low-profile compared to VFGs – less stress on your arms when shooting and using the grip

Cons/Less positive rearward pressure due to the shape of the grip, can make shooting from cover less stable

Bottom Line/ A great alternative if you can’t or don’t want to deploy a vertical foregrip.

Find what works for you

Like I said in the introduction of this list, it took me quite a long time to adopt foregrips onto my rifles and now they are a part of almost every single one of my rigs (with a few exceptions). Like anything, it will take a lot of time and practice to get things down to where you’re comfortable with them. If you’re still not sure what type of grip will work best for you, try to buy one of each and explore from there.

Personally I find that angled foregrips work far better for my shooting preferences since I tend not to shoot off of barriers much and shoot more from standing positions while competing. I also personally find that vertical foregrips tend to make me pull my shots left more often even with consistent practice – but that’s more on me than the concept of a vertical foregrip.

In any case, these are some of my favorite grips currently on the market and in my opinion offer the best quality for the money you’re spending on the products.

Which is better – Angled or vertical?

This is 100% personal preference. See if you can try a couple to find what works best for you and the type of shooting you’re doing. What feels right at first, may not be the best for you in competition.

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