What I Ate While Camping | Vegan and Vegetarian Camping Meal Ideas for Two | Campfire Cooking

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This is how I used all the meal prep I did for camping. I show you what I ate all weekend while camping and how I cooked every meal. The only thing that isn’t featured are the cornflake cookies, rest assured, we ate literally all of them this weekend. They were a real hit.

I wasn’t sure how some of the vegan and vegetarian meals would come out, but they turned out really well! My favorite was the couscous and tofu, which is totally vegan. I also talk a little bit about how we cook for a meat eater and a vegetarian at the same time. It’s all about keeping foods separate and sharing most of the meal except the protein. We really enjoyed these camping meal ideas for the campfire, even though we’re still working on how to cook over the campfire a bit.

What kinds of foods do you like to eat while camping? I’m looking to try some new recipes the next time we go! I’m particularly interested in some soups or stews for the fall.

If you want to see the meal prep for our trip, it’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjMvfMsGFgo

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