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Tired of spending loads of $$$ on freeze-dried backpacking meals that you don’t even like?!? In this video, Aaron provides 5 reasons to ditch those freeze-dried meals and give homemade backpacking food a try.

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Are you???
* Planning your first overnight backpacking trip but struggling with how much food to pack.
* Spending lots of money on freeze-dried meals only to be disappointed by the taste.
* Ready to take your backpacking food to the next level by adding homemade meals or giving cold-soaking a try.
* Interested in eating healthier while hiking but aren’t sure how.

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Interested in a Dirty Rice recipe?
Click here: https://backcountryfoodie.com/top-4-reasons-to-dehydrate-your-own-backpacking-meals

Better yet, try our Brownie Batter Hummus recipe. It’s AMAZING!!
Click here: https://backcountryfoodie.com/chocolate-brownie-batter-hummus-backpacking-recipe

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Here are a few blog posts by our guest contributor, Kyle Kamp from Valley to Peak Nutrition (www.v2pnutrition.com), that you might find helpful:

Dehydrating Canned and Frozen Foods for DIY Backpacking Meals: https://backcountryfoodie.com/dehydrating-canned-food-for-backpacking-meals/

Carbohydrates and DIY Backpacking Meals: https://backcountryfoodie.com/carbohydrates-and-diy-backpacking-meals/

Protein, Fat and DIY Backpacking Meals: https://backcountryfoodie.com/diy-backpacking-meals-protein-fats/

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