Video: Shark Tail Whips Fisherman After Stealing His Catch, Swims Off With Expensive Lure



A fisherman in New Zealand received a slap in the face after a shark stole a kingfish off his line and then swam off with the expensive lure he used to catch it.

The video opens after the shark has already chomped the kingfish off this angler’s line. You’ll notice the guy’s lure is actually caught on the shark’s right pectoral fin, making it just tempting enough to try and retrieve. You will also see in the video, the sharks swimming beneath these gentlemen’s boat were copper sharks. The copper shark is a fast-swimming predator that has been known to hunt in large groups, and can be found from brackish rivers and estuaries, to shallow bays and harbors, to offshore waters 100 m (330 ft) deep or more. Copper’s are a large species reaching up to 11 ft long. They are characterized by their narrow, hook-shaped upper teeth, lack of a prominent ridge between the dorsal fins, and a plain, yet noticeable bronze coloration.

After a strenuous batte, the copper shark appears to have finally wore itself out. The fisherman finally musters up the strength to lift the shark upwards toward the boat, however the shark saved one last bit of energy for this very moment. The angler gets smacked in the face, but also appears to get caught right where the sun doesn’t shine. If it weren’t for that rod holder belt, he would be singing a much different – and high pitch – tune.

The shark’s last second evasion maneuver allowed it to break off the line and swim free – keeping the lure as a souvenir.

Check out the video, and let us know what you would have done in this situation; Break the line and keep fishing, or try and retrieve your favorite lure?

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