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There are several reasons to keep your guns in a gun safe. They represent an expense and investment, as well as being something that you want to keep out of the hands of others, including kids. What kind of gun safe is best for you? What are the differences between various gun safes? Not all firearm storage units are created equally, so let’s give you some information to help pick the best gun safe for you.

First off, we should cover the differences between a safe and a cabinet. Many of us, at some point in time, have had a gun cabinet, and they do provide a certain level of safety, but they are not a safe. A steel gun cabinet, not to be confused with a wooden gun cabinet, is similar to a safe in that is can be locked, and can help prevent your firearms from getting into the wrong hands. A gun safe, however, adds a couple levels of protection. They are harder to get into, with more extensive locking mechanisms, and most are fire rated to some extent.

1. Cannon Wide Body 64-Gun Safe – Best Deal!

One of the best safes on the market is this one from Cannon Safes. The Cannon Valley Forge Wide-Body, 60-Minute Fire-Resistant Gun Safe. With the patented internal hinges, this gun vault offers 10 bolts, a UL-rated lock and fire protection. Able to hold 64 guns, Cannon’s handy gun safe box gives you peace of mind. Add this tough gun safe to your home today.

Pros/Holds up to 64 guns and fire rated for 30 minutes

Cons/It’s a very big safe, so know what you’re getting into.

Bottom Line/Right now, you can save 40% off the regular price!

2. Sports Afield 18-Gun – Smaller Scale Protection

If you have a smaller amount of firearms, and want a safe, reliable place to store them, this is the right product for you. The Sport’s Afield 18-gun safe is water and fireproof. It’ll withstand 30 minutes of 1,400 degrees and will remain water tight for up to 7 days in two feet of water. It has five, 1-inch locking steel bolts and will fit just about anywhere. The best part is the price. You can save 50% off the regualr price right now.

Pros/Water and fire protection for up to 18 firearms

Cons/Understand the size limites before you buy

Bottom Line/$299.99 for a sweet safe!

3. Liberty Safe Revere 34 – Perfect Mid-Size Safe

The Revere Plus Series is a heavy-duty safe  that will hold up to 34 firearms and is fire rated for 40 minutes. It has a  2-piece roll form body along with 4-inch military style locking bars. This qualifies it as one of UL’s Residential Security Containers (RSC). Installed with a quality TopLit SecuRam E-lock with red LED lights for better night time vision. These American made gun safes have economy door panels and 3-in-1 Flex Interiors that are installed to provide peace of mind and flexibility for your valuables. Liberty is one of the top manufacturers of quality gun safes, and you can trust your valuables in one.

Pros/Great value and medium size range for smaller gun collections

Cons/Know exactly how many forearms you intend to store inside

Bottom Line/A near perfect mid-size gun safe

4. Awesafe

Keeping a handgun at arm’s reach is a great way to add protection for you and your family, but it can also keep a firearm within access of someone who shouldn’t be able to reach it. The Awesome keeps a pistol and ammo within easy reach, while at the same time, keeping things safer with a fingerprint identification lock and keypad. This steel, pry-proof box can be secured to a location, or made portable, with an LED backlight and a gas-hinge open assist. It makes it easy for the right person to open the safe without having direct visual contact with the safe.

Pros/Secure, quick access to a handgun for the right person.

Cons/Securing it in one location is better, as thieves can always find a way into a box they can take with them.

Bottom Line/Gives added peace of mind for handgun owners.

5. Paragon Steel Cabinet

Made from durable 18-gauge steel, this locking steel cabinet will hold up to 8 long guns with a multi-level latching system. It is just a cabinet, though, so there is no fire or water protection for your firearms.

Pros/Sturdy, secure storage.

Cons/Just a simple layer or protection.

Bottom Line/If you’re just looking for basic protection to lock up your firearms, this is it.

What do safe fire ratings mean?

A safe’s fire rating is based on how long the safe can protect the contents at a set temperature. This has to do with how long the seal and liner will withstand the temperature before failing. The average house fire burns at 1,100 degree Fahrenheit. A safe will have three lines of defense. The steel outer hull of the safe will not melt, as the fires often do not get hot enough to melt steel. The seal material, usually Palusol, expands in heat to seal out the damaging temperatures for a measured length of time. The inner liner insulates the interior of the safe and protects the contents. The thing to keep in mind is that these layers of protection can only last for so long, so if the fire burns for longer than the safe can endure, or the temperature is hotter than the safe is rated for, there isn’t much that can be done.

Vaults are another form of gun safe. These storage devices are often used for quick access to a firearm, and are often keyed by fingerprint I.D., a quick key, or some other form of fast-access mechanism. They are often secured to a position, such as a nightstand, or even a car, and are simply for theft protection and access in case of an emergency situation.

Understanding capacity in gun safes

When you see a gun safe that claims it will hold 30 firearms, you need to understand a couple things. You’re not likely to be able to cram 30 scoped rifles into the safe. When looking at sizing, think of a basic shotgun for an example of size.For every scoped rifle, you can subtract two from the total. Handguns can be hung from the door, or in a  pistol rack on a shelf, so they don’t count toward the total. Most all gun safes are adaptable with how you configure the interior, too.

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