How To Beat Target Panic with Levi Morgan – Part 4: Hair Trigger


OutdoorHub Editor: Keenan Crow   04.29.20

This is the fourth and final video in Levi Morgan’s series on target panic – I know, I’m just as upset as you are these videos are ending! Let’s just take a second and appreciate how spot-on these segments have been, and how valuable the information is, regardless your level of archery or bowhunting. Some of these tips might be things you learned when you first got started shooting a bow, but you might develop bad habits along the way – some without even realizing it – and Levi does a great job explaining how to combat those things so you can get composed and make an accurate shot on your target.

If you’ve been told before that you “punch” the trigger, this video is for you and will help correct those minor faults.

Levi talks about how shooting a super sensitive trigger, while the most accurate, can eventually cause a form of target panic where you start freezing – not good! He also goes over the correct way to ‘pull’ on your release, which was a big eye-opener for me, as someone who shoots a caliper trigger release. All I’ll say is after watching this video, it has me re-thinking some things..

Check it out and see if some of the things Levi talks about here are things you somehow developed in your archery practice:

After watching these videos, I think my number one takeaway is that fighting off target panic requires some regular attention. On top of shooting your bow consistently, running through the drills Levi demonstrated in each of these videos is key to creating ‘good’ habits so it all comes to you naturally in the field.

Did these videos help you at all? Will you be using any of Levi’s tips when you’re practicing? Let us know what you’re working on this summer, and if you find any improvement after these video.

Shoot straight!

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